Property Boost


Yes. We will work closely with local authorities for any necessary planning permission required for structural and alterations work.

It is! Property Boost are covered by £2 million public liability and indemnity insurance. Furthermore, we fully guarantee that the enhancement work will never reduce the overall value of your property, and this guarantee is independently verified by having the property value both before, and after all enhancement works are completed.

Of course! The only exception to this would be if there is structural work which requires the property to be empty whilst works are carried out. Usually this work is carried out over a few days, up to two weeks. In this instance Property Boost will cover the costs (up to £100 per day) for you to stay at a local hotel.

You are free to change your mind up to the point where Property Boost have invested funds in enhancing your property. After this point, you would be contractually obliged to adhere to the terms of the contract.

If we are unable to secure a firm offer within the agreed time-frame, we will either purchase the property from you at the agreed contracted amount, or we will terminate the contract, allowing you to stay in the property or sell the property independently.

Property Boost will evaluate the property and if we feel that the current asking price represents the fair asking price, then we will offer this price. We do not make below market offers to any of our clients!

By enhancing the property, we are confident that the value of the property will increase. This gives us the opportunity to purchase a property at a price lower than the new (enhanced) value, or it gives us the opportunity to sell the contract to another interested buyer at a price higher than what was originally agreed with the seller.

We generally have the property enhanced, back on the market, and an offer made by an interested party within 8 weeks

Establishing a partnership with Property Boost costs you nothing at all. We fund all costs.

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